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Our artwork and art kits was first conceived  in 1993 by resident artist John Galliano

Resident artist John Galliano

John Galliano studied at Da Vinci Escola D'art in Barcelona, Spain during the early 1990'sspecialising in the techniques of major artists in the pop art and impressionist genres.

His favourite artists are Van Gogh, Monet,  Lichenstein, Picasso and Andy Warhol.

During the first few years we exhibited our artwork at many arts and crafts shows, fairs and exhibitions. 

It was during this time that we experimented with Paint By Number Kits and techniques purely as an artistic style and found our style of Artwork suited being rendered into Paint by number form due to the minimalistic colour tones and bold colours used in all of our paintings.

We soon discovered that the majority of paint by number kits available at that time were quite basic and mass printed on board in very small sizes, which was something we knew we could improve on.

This is why all of our exclusive paint by number kits are produced from original hand drawn and numbered artworks onto high quality canvas, all of which are quite large (Minimum 24in x 24in) and all paints hand mixed by our resident artists. Paintings you would be proud to exhibit at your home or workplace!

I thank you for visiting our store and wish you all the best in your artwork.

John  Galliano
(Owner / Resident Artist -

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